Current condition photos

DSC_0284.JPG DSC_0286.JPG DSC_0290.JPG DSC_0291.JPG DSC_0293.JPG DSC_0294.JPG DSC_0295.JPG DSC_0296.JPG DSC_0297.JPG DSC_0298.JPG DSC_0299.JPG DSC_0300.JPG DSC_0307.JPG DSC_0308.JPG DSC_0309.JPG

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  1. I have a 1961 RK45 in pristine condition with 72.000 miles on the clock and all parts are original.
    Also have the service book. Parts catalogue. last registered in 1974 and has been garaged ever since.
    On the inside door pillar is the original importers label. THIESS MOTOR CORPERATION.
    They took 16 to Australia for promotion and future sales and were not sold in Australia till 3 years later as TOYOTAs

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