When the truck arrived to us we started with throwing away all the scrap it came with and looking for the clues. Under the seat, along with extra parts we discovered a few maps and papers which were partially destroyed, but we still were able to get an idea of what they were.

1. Map of Afghanistan UN edition (1962) (the destroyed original and the one found on the web)

afg_map_1500 afghanistan_1962_UN_map

2. Map of Kabul with a legend (1958)

kabul1_2000 kabul3_2000 kabul2_2000

3. Cover of the Map of West Pakistan 1959(?) (ordered one in good condition off of eBay)


4. Karachi Lahore road tourist guide (can’t identify the year)


5. Student Travel Guide (can’t identify the year)

guide6 guide5 guide4 guide3 guide2 guide1

6. Swiss hostel form (1964)

swiss1 swiss2

7. Highway toll road receipt from Greece (Tempi Post) October 19th, 1969(?)