Month: June 2013

Filling in the blanks


Some history on where the RK45 came from:

We found and bought the RK45 on eBay from Chicago area in April 2012. In the email conversation that followed the purchase, seller claimed that the pickup was a part of Lee Roy Hartung property, who at a time has just passed away. Seller’s company was contracted to haul away scrap metal, which wasn’t the part of the auction. However seller didn’t have a heart to let such a rare vehicle go to a scrapper. Time of the eBay auction matched the time of the collection sell-off. Years of collecting super-rare and old cars, trucks, motorcycles and American memorabilia in general made $4M sales. More info can be obtained here

Recently we have been in contact with Lee Hartung’s life partner – Margie. She informed us that a young couple took the truck for a honeymoon road trip in 1968 / 1969. The couple later settled in Morton Grove, IL and sold the Truck to Lee. Currently we are trying to find any info about who and when did the trip.

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Current condition photos

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1960 Toyopet RK45 travel map & original country names restoration


We have re-constructed most of the original country names and based on that created a map of original travel cerca 1960-1965

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RK45 photos & pictures


In this post we collected all known pictures and photos of RK45 first generation (single headlight) pickup

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